Spectator's Spectacle
by DCDave

From the National Journal, 7/29/95, INSIDE WASHINGTON:

Spectator's Spectacle

The American Spectator is accustomed to raising hackles on the Left with its ferocious attacks on such liberal icons as Anita Hill and its relentless pummeling of the Clinton Administration. But insiders say a recent story by editor-in-chief R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. was too much even for the conservative monthly's right-minded staff. Two top editors threatened to quit when Tyrrell would brook no changes to his long retelling of a state trooper's convoluted yarn linking then-Gov. Bill Clinton to alleged CIA drug running via a remote Arkansas airstrip. Ultimately, the piece was heavily rewritten. Still, senior editor Christopher Caldwell soon jumped to the hot new conservative Weekly Standard.

Note: The Weekly Standard had not yet published its first issue when it was so described. Do we detect a certain incestuousness here in the establishment media?

National Jungle

Smugly untroubled
By government drug-smuggling,
The National Journal
Shows its true colors
And makes small of R. Emmett Tyrrell.

His yarn convoluted
Is for nice ears unsuited,
So they grind their axe,
Avoid the facts,
And keep greasing the skids to hell.


David Martin

October 4, 1998

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