The Bastard's Bastard?
by DCDave

It may be completely true, but there are several reasons to treat the revived story (revived at newsmax) that Bill Clinton has an illegitimate son by a black prostitute by the name of Bobbie Ann Williams.

  1. Why no paternity suit? With modern DNA methods it would be an open and shut matter. One might guess that it is because, like so many others, the mother has been threatened and/or bribed. But I don't think any bribe could be as much as the woman would stand to gain in fame and fortune by winning a paternity suit. And where are all those conservative activists who rushed to aid Paula Jones in her much more problematic suit? As for the supposed threats, would not mother and child be safer by going completely public?

  2. The story formed the centerpiece of the pure propaganda book, "Primary Colors," by Joe Klein, a reporter for The Washington Post Company's Newsweek magazine, a spook outfit. The book is nothing but an inoculation piece designed to get the reader to separate Bill Clinton's brilliant, high-minded political genius from this little problem he has with his wandering organ. The last thing in the world they want us to see is that his personal corruption is of a piece with his political corruption, and that of the system that put him in the White House.

    Did you notice the propagandistic way the book was hyped by all the speculation about who its anonymous author was, and then just in time to hype the paperback, The Washington Post, through the use of a handwriting expert, revealed that the writer, lo and behold, was Klein. As they like to say these days, "Give me a break." The Post is positively allergic to handwriting experts when it comes to such things as torn-up suicide notes and lists of psychiatrists.

  3. How do you hide someone who looks so much like Bill Clinton? I saw photographs back in 1993 circulated by a dubious anti-Clinton newsletter that has since closed down and the kid looked exactly like a somewhat swarthy, curly-haired Bill Clinton. He certainly bore a great deal more resemblance to the first philanderer than does Chelsea. Now they tell us he's been in Arkansas all along. Well, where? Wouldn't he be the talk of any school he attended? Even the story, which they now say was false all along, that he and his mother were living as far afield as Australia sounds like the sort of phony stuff that our covert community is famous for. If the story was false, who started it and why?

  4. The "illegitimate black son" story makes a fine distraction away from the larger scandals likely associated with Clinton, scandals like illegal drug smuggling that involve our permanent government. One might add that that is a scandal that quite possibly involves the father of the already-anointed next president, George W. Bush.

  5. The people touting this story, people like Christopher Ruddy and Wesley Pruden of The Washington Times, don't seem to be very much interested in these larger, more inclusive scandals.

  6. The fact that the story was originally pushed by "black activist" "Say" McIntosh should make people wonder. Since they murdered or jailed the real leadership on trumped-up charges, black activism is not what it used to be. The fact that the "black activist" community is not standing in solidarity with the Martin Luther King, Jr. family shouting for a new, honest investigation of King's murder is enough, in itself, to make one suspect the lot of them.

  7. Finally, the line that no more was made of the story in 1992 because the drug-besotted Williams would not have been very credible rings false. Drugs aside, she IS a prostitute, that is, if she exists at all, and prostitutes prostitute themselves. How personally credible could she ever be? But this is a matter that could be easily cleared up in ways that do not involve her credibilty.

David Martin
November 4, 1998

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