by DCDave

If you didn't have an opportunity to see "SNITCH" this week on PBS' Frontline, you missed one of the most powerful indictments of bought testimony, and of the drug war itself, ever to be shown on American TV. Check out the PBS web site at for a primer on mandatory minimums and their history, pro/con arguments, background readings, case studies, discussion and more. One of the featured interviewees is Eric Sterling, a member of DRCNet's advisory board, quoted in the previous story. Videos can be ordered by calling 1-800-PLAY-PBS -- but call soon, they've gotten so many orders that they're backed up till February already. Ask them for the paperwork to get permission to show the tape at meetings of your local civic groups, or invite your friends or families over for a private showing. E-mail your comments and compliments to

I have a first cousin who was sent away for 10 years (conviction overturned after 7) in exactly the manner depicted in the PBS special.

David Martin
January 16, 1999

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