Fake Polls
by DCDave

Washington Times, Tuesday, January 19, 1999, "Inside Politics," compiled by Mary Ann Akers:

Can public opinion polls be trusted? Not according to Thomas E. Mahl, whose new book, "Desperate Deception," details the efforts of British Security Coordination (BSC) agents to drum up support for U.S. intervention in World War II.

As part of this secret propaganda war, Justin Raimondo writes in the December issue of Chronicles, British intelligence agents "agitated for a peacetime draft" in the United States before Pearl Harbor.

"A key aspect of their campaign was the manufacturing of phony public opinion polls purporting to show overwhelming public support for conscription," Mr. Raimondo writes in a review of Mr. Mahl's book, which "unmasks the pollsters, showing that surveys conducted by Gallup, Roper, and Market Analysts 'were all done under the influence of dedicated interventionists and British intelligence agents.'"

Well, there you have it folks. They've done it before and they got away with it. Note that they didn't just manufacture a majority, but "overwhelming support." Why wouldn't they do it again and again and again as long as they can keep on getting away with it and it suits their purposes?

Trust the polls? Polls are power. Suckers.

David Martin
January 20, 1999

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