Fake Globalist Opposition
by DCDave

Well, small Worldwide Web! Regular readers of my home page will know that among my greatest concerns is the danger to this country of statehood for Puerto Rico. See "Puerto Rico Statehood: Imminent Danger," "Ill-Informed Consent: The Question of Statehood for Puerto Rico,"  "P.R. Statehood Polls,"  and "CIA Plots Puerto Rico Statehood."

Though I have not written formally on the subject, I have been as dismayed as any decent person should be at what can only be described as the slaughter of innocents by agents of the federal government outside Waco, Texas, on April 19, 1993 (See Carol Valentine's Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum.) I was dismayed enough that I made it over to the FBI building during the lunch hour on April, 19, 1995, (the day of the Oklahoma City bombing) to observe some of the demonstration organized by Valentine and participated in by the head of the Committee for Waco Justice, Carol Moore. I arrived too late to hear Dave Sharp perform his rousing and bitter song, "Children of Waco," but I did hear a brief but very articulate and stirring anti-FBI oration by a slightly-built attorney in a suit by the name of Larry Pratt. I did not catch from his introduction that he was executive director of Gun Owners of America. I recall only thinking at the time that his slick, buttoned-down lawyerly appearance seemed to clash with what he was saying and where he was saying it.

As a particularly unpleasant person on the Internet (a guy who was once described by keen-eyed reporter, Christopher Ruddy, as "looking like he was on drugs or should be") is fond of reminding readers, I also collaborated shortly after that on a CD with Sharp. What folks don't know is how Sharp and I got together in the first place. Some time before the demonstration in front of the FBI building, I read an article in the entertainment section of the Washington Times about a new CD with several songs that paid tribute to John F. Kennedy and raised questions about his assassination. "How refreshing!" I thought. "I've got to meet this guy," and through the Times reporter who did the story I tracked Sharp down. Many of the poems in my book, The New Moral Order, and a few on my web site are on the Kennedy assassination theme. Talking with Sharp I noted that, though I might have read more broadly on the subject, he has a certain gift for pursuing important avenues of inquiry, a gift that combines the nose of a bloodhound and the tenacity and courage of a pit bull.

Most recently I watched with great interest as Sharp fearlessly unveiled on the Internet the most recent fruit of his Kennedy assassination researches. The late New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison had provided the lead with mention in his book, On the Trail of the Assassins, of the prominent American-born, Canadian Jewish lawyer, Louis Bloomfield. Bloomfield headed up a shadowy international organization with intelligence ties called Permindex. Garrison had noted that Permindex counted among its officers an odd collection of Zionists and former Nazis, and, most tellingly, the defendant in the trial showcased in the Oliver Stone movie, "JFK," Clay Shaw.

Sharp took the lead several steps further, noting that Bloomfield was a lawyer for the extremely rich and powerful Bronfman family based in Montreal, Canada, and that the Bronfmans are perhaps the most influential and active Zionists in the Western Hemisphere. Combine that with the fact that John Kennedy was standing in the way of the nuclear aspirations of Israel founder and prime minister David Ben Gurion and that the U.S. under Kennedy backed a different side from Israel in the raging Yemen civil war, and Sharp publicly theorized that Israel, with the collaboration of the Bronfmans, induced the U.S. military to stage a coup by assassinating Kennedy.

Laying out his thesis in his own irrepressible, flamboyant style, Sharp brought down upon his back the expected rain of "anti-Semite" charges. One of the loudest of those making the charge has been the aforementioned writer and activist on Waco, Carol Moore. This should come as little surprise because Sharp has had some very strong things to say on the Net about Moore, describing her in a most unflattering, personally insulting way when he gave her prominent place in his daring "Who's Who" list of suspected Internet intelligence agents.

Now Sharp has struck back with "anti-Semite" charges of his own, noting that Moore's book on Waco was financed by Pratt. This, it turns out, is the same Larry Pratt who was forced to step down from his high position in the Patrick Buchanan presidential campaign because of public appearances he had made with spokesmen for the notorious racialist organization, Aryan Nation. Sharp also reminded us that Kenneth S. Stern, "expert on hate and hate groups" for the American Jewish Committee has painted a pretty harsh picture of Pratt as a bigoted hate-monger practically encouraging armed insurrection by such types in his 1996 Simon & Schuster book, A Force Upon the Plain, the American Militia Movement and the Politics of Hate.

Moore has responded in her and Pratt's defense by referring us to the Gun Owners web page, which contains the statement Pratt made at the time he resigned from the Buchanan campaign. This is where the "small world" comes in. The Springfield, Virginia, address for Gun Owners looked familiar to me. "Where," I wondered, "did I see that address before." Then it came to me. From my Puerto Rico statehood researches I recalled a Springfield address for English First, the putative leader in the fight in this country against statehood for Puerto Rico. I went to my bookmark, clicked on it, and.... How about that? The same address as Gun Owners, right down to the suite number.*

Coincidence? I don't think so. I have not expressed my suspicions before, but from my first-hand knowledge of Puerto Rico, the opposition to Puerto Rico statehood mounted by English First struck me from the beginning as not nearly as strong or effective as it could be. One need only read my articles and compare them with what they are putting up on their site to see what I am talking about. As an organization whose job it is to spread the word that they want spread, they have also been feckless. The opinion molders in newspapers and magazines around the country seem to be completely uninfluenced by any of the powerful arguments that one might mount against statehood for Puerto Rico. Even before I saw the "coincidental" mutual address or read the follow-up posting to Sharp's by Valentine about Pratt's longstanding intelligence connections, or Sharp's revelation that Pratt had contributed to a racist intelligence group allied with Oliver North that is attempting to take over the Confederate Memorial Association, I had concluded that English First was a fake front, that they were in the game to lose.

I also drew upon my experience in pursuing the Vincent Foster death case. A cardinal rule of the spook game is to provide your own opposition whenever possible. When your team is on both sides of the ball you can't lose. That is the role, I found out, that Christopher Ruddy is playing with Foster (See Parts 2 and 5 of my "America's Dreyfus Affair, the Case of the Death of Vincent Foster"). Who is playing that role in the disarming of the American citizenry and turning us into a polyglot peasantry for the globalists to dominate? I think we have found him.

With English First and Gun Owners of America leading the opposition, the smart money, I fear, should be on Puerto Rico as the 51st--and first Spanish-speaking--U.S. state and on a complete ban on the personal possession of firearms in the very near future.

David Martin
February 13, 1999

* At the time of this February 11, 2008, update, it is quite well known that Larry Pratt is the head of both organizations, as one can read at Wikipedia.  However, that same article says, "In 2001, TIME Magazine reported Pratt to be president of English First, an organization within the English-only movement," suggesting that it was not at all common knowledge back in early 1999.


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