Lockerbie News
by DCDave

The Great Speckled Bird has learned that the ridiculous perjury conviction of former journalist/Defense Intelligence Agent Lester Coleman has been overturned upon appeal. No further details are available at this time. The significance of this development is that it greatly increases the likelihood that Coleman will be called as a defense witness in the upcoming trial in The Netherlands of the two Libyans charged with the blowing up of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. Coleman is the author of the book The Trail of the Octopus, published in Britain but suppressed in the United States, which describes a U.S. intelligence-Syrian-Iranian-Palestinian connection to the bombing. For more on the significance of Coleman's knowledge in the case go to

Additional worthwhile information is in:

For a previous article of mine related to Coleman go to

At the end of that article I note that the documentary film maker on the Coleman angle on Pan Am 103, Allan Francovich, died mysteriously a few years ago. Further information I have is that he was on a trip to the United States to meet with one of his financial supporters and others about his work. He died of a sudden seizure while attempting to clear customs at the airport in Houston, Texas. His supporters all suspected foul play. I have no further details at this time. If anyone can supply further public information about the death of Francovich it would be appreciated.

David Martin
May 9, 1999

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