More Ruddy Trickery
by DCDave

Christopher Ruddy, investigative reporter for Richard Mellon Scaife's Pittsburgh Tribune Review, editor of the online service Newsmax, and author of the book The Strange Death of Vincent Foster, is protrayed by the mainstream media as the leading critic of the government in the Foster case. The fact that he is singled out for publicity by that disreputable crowd should be sufficient evidence of his phoniness. The numerous self-discrediting things he has done such as claiming that the Park Police took no crime-scene photographs and that Foster was left-handed when the gun was found in his right hand also give him away. Lest we tend to forget about his deceitfulness and treachery he keeps reminding us with little gems on his web site such as promoting Foster cover-up books by the likes of Ann Coulter and Howard Kurtz.

He contributes to the Foster murder cover-up most recently almost in passing in an article comparing the thwarted investigation of Chinagate with obstructions of the Senate "investigation" of tangential occurrences around the Foster death (as though the Senate were serious about either investigation). Here is the telling passage:

"Thus, one of the great mysteries of Whitewater slipped between the cracks: Did Foster know about the Hale office search? If the answer is yes, then he knew that Whitewater was about to explode, which no doubt caused him great distress.

"Just hours after the Hale office search warrant was issued, Foster's body was found in a remote Virginia Park; his gunshot death ruled a suicide." (Friday, June 11, 3:37 am, "The Aborted Chinagate Search: Deja Foster?")

Get that, dear reader? Sure sounds as though Foster killed himself because he was distressed over Whitewater, doesn't it? Thus does the great Clinton critic, Ruddy, cover for Clinton and the whole sorry crowd responsible for Foster's murder and the cover-up that continues by reinforcing the absurd line that Foster killed himself because he was somehow "disturbed." We ought to all be more than a little disturbed over the machinations of people like Christopher Ruddy.

Read more about Ruddy's treachery in Parts 2 and 5 of my "America's Dreyfus Affair, the Case of the Death of Vincent Foster" on my web site.

David Martin
June 12, 1999

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