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Failure of the Public Trust, Proof of FBI and OIC Cover-up in the Independent Counsel's Probe into the Death of Deputy White House Counsel, Vincent W. Foster
John Clarke, Patrick Knowlton, Hugh Turley

Shocking Murder Cover-up Definitively Exposed

"Patrick (Knowlton) did nothing to deserve the outrageous treatment he received at the hands of the OIC (Office of Independent Counsel) and its FBI agents. He did nothing to deserve being yanked into this FBI debacle, having his life turned upside down, and having to endure this fight for his reputation. Patrick's only crime' was reporting to the authorities what he had seen at Fort Marcy Park, consistent with his understanding of his duties as a good citizen." (From the preface of 'Failure of the Public Trust,')

What Knowlton saw at about 4:30 pm, July 20, 1993, were all the cars that were in Fort Marcy's parking lot at the time, and none of them matched the photographs of White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster's car that were shown to him later by FBI agents. Meanwhile, Foster was lying dead in the back of the park. That simple fact is the genesis of this remarkable legal document, now available to the public as a book.

You will not learn in these 511 pages who murdered Vincent Foster or why, nor will you find a trace of any partisan swipes at the Clintons. You WILL see revealed in painstaking detail how the cover-up was carried out by the police, the FBI, and by our other major organs of power, not the least of which have been the news media. The greatest achievement of this book is the complete reconstruction of the evening of July 20, using in a very transparent fashion every available public document. Their method may be contrasted, as the authors point out, with Kenneth Starr, three-quarters of whose references are to supporting work by associates, work that is still kept secret. Following the drawings, the cast of characters, and the time line, as you read the book you can imagine yourself at Fort Marcy Park watching people come and go. You will get to see how, as the evening progressed, dried blood around a neck wound turned into wet blood from a mouth and head wound and how all the photographs taken of the original scene disappeared.

You will also learn how utterly absurd is the story of the investigating officers that they visited the morgue before two White House officials got there and miraculously found two sets of keys in Foster's pants pocket, keys that they had somehow missed when they went through his pockets in the park. Apart from the patent absurdity of the story on its face, it cannot be reconciled with the time of connected events. And you will see solid evidence for the authors' claim that this is, above all, an FBI cover-up. They show that, contrary to the assertions of some leading White House critics, the FBI was heavily involved in the sham investigation from the beginning. Furthermore, the same FBI agents were key 'investigators' for both Robert Fiske and Kenneth Starr, thus making a farce of these prosecutors' putative "independence."

With this prodigious work John Clarke, Patrick Knowlton, and Hugh Turley have moved to the head of the line of those exposing corruption in America's major institutions. Every concerned citizen ought to read it.

David Martin
January 23, 2000

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