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by DCDave

Review of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Impeachment of the President by Steven D. Strauss and Spencer Strauss

The title of this book turns out to be a good deal more descriptive than one might believe. Take what the authors have to say about the death of Deputy White House Counsel, Vincent W. Foster. This is from the heart of their discussion on pages 153 and 154:

"The [Vincent Foster] death was reported as a suicide, but many Clinton bashers still don't believe it, even though numerous investigations have so concluded.

"Even Ken Starr has ruled it a suicide. His report on Foster's death concluded that Foster was seriously depressed about his work at the White House, specifically the Travelgate 'crisis,' took a revolver from a closet in his home, placed it in an oven mitt, and on the afternoon of July 20, drove to a Virginia park and shot himself.

"The report contained new forensic details that refuted the conspiracy theories that surrounded Foster's death (more on those in a bit). As part of the investigation Starr consulted renowned medical and forensic experts, including Henry C. Lee, a crime expert made famous in the O. J. Simpson trial, who determined that the condition of the body and other physical evidence unequivocally demonstrated that Foster shot himself. Alan L. Berman, an expert in the field on suicide, found that 'to a 100-percent degree of medical certainty, the death of Vincent Foster was a suicide.'"

Surely it would take a person of low mental wattage to believe that a psychologist such as Dr. Berman could pronounce upon the "medical certainty" of anything, much less upon a person's addled mental state, the principal evidence for which is the writing in an obviously forged note.

The authors, as we see, draw heavily upon the final report on Foster's death by Kenneth Starr. That would mean that they would have to have obtained a copy to read. Having done that they could not have helped but notice that it was accompanied by a 20-page addendum, ordered included by the three judges who appointed Starr, over Mr. Starr's strenuous objections. The addendum is a letter by the lawyer for aggrieved witness, Patrick Knowlton. That letter, ignored by the national news media, using publicly-available evidence, utterly destroys the suicide conclusion. The complete story is available from

The "demolished" "conspiracy theories" are red herrings put out by phony right-wing critics, and these authors would most dishonestly have us believe that they constitute the sum total of the reasons to reject the cover-up story of suicide.

They really do take us for idiots.

David Martin
February 6, 2000

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