This George Can Tell a Lie
by DCDave

"On July 21 the park police said that Foster's injury was 'not inconsistent with a self-inflicted wound.' By August 11 (sic) that was their official finding. Subsequent investigations by two independent counsels, congressional committees, and countless investigative reporters may not have convinced ardent conspiracy theorists, but they have confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt that Vince Foster shot himself in Fort Marcy Park on July 20, 1993. Why he did it, we still can't really know." George Stephanopolous, "All Too Human," p. 186

Here the bushy-haired former spokesman for Bill Clinton demonstrates what made him so well-qualified for that position and for his current role as commentator for ABC News. The little toady can lie with the best of them.

No congressional committee has specifically examined the death of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr., for the purpose of determining whether or not it was a suicide. The closest thing to it was reflected in the meager 8-page report rendered by ranking Republican William Clinger of the House Oversight Committee, which was nothing more than a reiteration of the sketchy work of Robert Fiske. It is apparent from reading Clinger's pathetic offering that neither he nor his "investigators" even bothered to visit Fort Marcy Park.

The real howler here, though, is the assertion that "countless investigative reporters" have looked into the Foster death and agree that it was a suicide. In fact, the correct figure is none, a pretty far cry from "countless," but if you're going to lie, you might as well make it a whopper. Not only have they not examined the evidence in the case, they haven't even bothered to tell the American public that Kenneth Starr's final report on Foster included a 20-page section, ordered attached by the 3-judge panel that appointed Starr, that thoroughly demolished the suicide conclusion. I speak of the letter submitted by John Clarke, lawyer for the harassed witness, Patrick Knowlton. You can see it at (Scroll to the very last entry in the Starr Report.) You can also see there the kind of meticulous investigation you would hope at least some of those well-financed reporters would do.

One of the most distressing things about little George's book is that it is among the very few listed at Christopher Ruddy's under the section, "Clinton Scandals" in that site's bookstore. Even more distressing is that this book is representative of the books in the list. They're all cover-up books. One of them, Washington Tragedy, by Dan E. Moldea, is specifically a Foster cover-up book, the only such one exclusively devoted to the topic of Foster's death. Not one of them begins to come close to offering the contrary argument to the government's in the Foster case, which is the best thing that one could say about Ruddy's own book, The Strange Death of Vincent Foster. Ruddy does not deign to include his own book in the pitiful "Clinton scandals" list, however.

With enemies like Christopher Ruddy, Bill and Hillary don't need friends, which is a good thing for them because "friends" of the likes of George Stephanopolous are all they seem to be able to come up with.

David Martin
June 4, 2000

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