Gail Sheehy's Cover-up Book
by DCDave

"Months later, the revelation that Whitewater files had been removed from [Vince] Foster's office-sealed off by the White House for almost forty-eight hours-suggested that he had been protecting Hillary's 'Rosebud.' A whole conspiracy industry was spawned on this news, fueling hate radio and cyberspace kooks and emboldening the Clintons' enemies to the point of circulating a videotape called "The Clinton Chronicles" accusing them of murder."

from "Hillary's Choice" by Gail Sheehy, p. 238

While blithely calling people like me a kook (see the 17 techniques for truth suppression), naked Clinton apologist Sheehy uses none other than Clinton henchperson, Betsey Wright, famous as the designated suppressor of "bimbo eruptions" during the 1992 presidential campaign, as her authoritative source for the new revelation that poor Vince had actually been "clinically depressed for years." Also, the ever present "Foster family lawyer," long-time Clinton crony James Hamilton, she tells us, is of the opinion that Vince was experiencing something psychiatrists call "flooding" when he went over the emotional brink and murdered himself.

Sheehy gives no source at all for her revelation, substantiated by no one else on the record, that Vince watched the movie, "A Few Good Men" until the wee morning hours of that fateful day, July 20, 1993, a movie in which a suicide by gunshot into the mouth is said to have taken place. No reason to let anything like mere facts constrain you when you have an official story to peddle.

Concerning her quoted statement, anyone who had not become suspicious until the planted article about the Whitewater documents in Foster's office came out either wasn't paying attention or has very poorly-developed critical faculties. Furthermore, with all that has come to light about the cover-up of Foster's obvious murder by now, there is not much more reason to cast suspicion upon the Clinton's than there is on, say, Katharine Graham of the Washington Post. The buck has to stop at the Oval Office, though, not just for Foster's death but for a host of other outrages that have occurred over the past seven and a half years.

Sheehy, by the way, seems to be as thick as thieves not only with the Clintons but also with new Vice Presidential nominee, Joseph Lieberman. She gives credit to Lieberman, among others, in the book's opening acknowledgments and she has an exclusive interview with the man on her web site (if your stomach is strong enough for it) at

David Martin

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