Fake Media Critic?
by DCDave

Interested in having your eyes opened?  Go to http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/JFK/postphotos.html.

Expand the photograph at "The Assassin's View." Notice the name of the writer of the thoroughly dishonest article, which is clearly readable when you blow the photo up.

Now go to http://www.amazon.com and search the book titles for The Media Monopoly. The author of this book is the Dean Emeritus of the School of Journalism of The University of California at Berkeley and his book has gone through many editions. It is a limited hangout, confession-and-avoidance book about the sins of American journalism. Some people think it is the last word on the corruption of America's news media. It is not. It is barely the first word. This man has apparently been in the deception business for quite a long time. He reminds me of Dan Rather or Hugh Aynesworth, q.v. my recent article on Aynesworth and The Washington Times at Pruden...

Now look at this ZNet ad for a video in which our hero weighs in on media censorship.

Are all these people unaware or the pedigree of Ben Haig Bagdikian, or have we stumbled onto the trail of the fake left? At this point you might try doing some of your own research. Go to the search engine that is very good at biographies and personalities, http://www.google.com. First search "Ben Haig Bagdikian" and then simply "Ben Bagdikian."

Happy spook hunting.

David Martin
August 8, 1999

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