News Suppression, The Second Layer
by DCDave

The leading American journalist raising questions in the Vincent Foster death case, according to Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes, and according to the journalist himself, continues to ignore the biggest story on the Foster cover-up to come along in a long time. That is the story that Judge John Garrett Penn, after almost 3 years of sitting on it, has finally thrown out the lawsuit of aggrieved witness, Patrick Knowlton, at about the same time that a 3-judge panel has unsealed a 511-page submission that leaves no doubt whatsoever that there has been a conspiracy to cover up Vincent Foster's murder.

The journalist, of course, is Christopher Ruddy, the editor of The news he is suppressing can be found at World Net Daily, and further at

Here is the key quote from United States District Judge Penn's September 9, 1999, 29-page memorandum of dismissal:

Plaintiff's submissions also cause the Court to pause for another reason. The reports of two Independent Counsel (sic), Robert B. Fiske and Kenneth W. Starr, officially concluded that Mr. Foster's death was a suicide and that the overwhelming weight of the evidence supprts this conclusion. See Ayman Alouri's Memorandum in Support of Motion (attaching as an exhibit the conclusion of report of Independent Counsel Fiske); Report on the Death of Vincent W. Foster, Jr. (Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr), attached to Federal Defendeants' Response to Motion for Leave to File, at 111 ("The available evidence points clearly to suicide as the manner of death.") and at 114 ("In sum, based on all the available evidence, which is considerable, the OIC agrees with the conclusion reached by every official entity that has examined the issue: Mr. Foster committed suicide by gunshot in Fort Marcy Park on July 20, 1993.").

pp. 24-25 of Penn support of motion to dismiss Civil Action No. 96-2467 (JGP)

While this news is being made, and ignored by leading-critic Ruddy, his NewsMax minions give the impression that they agree that Foster wrote the famous forged "suicide" note and continue to pursue Clinton and celebrity-obsessed stories like the following: See how the NewsMax magicians distract their one million readers:

With Carl Limbacher and Staff
For the story behind the story...

September 17, 10:14 AM

Melrose Slams Imus, Applauds Stern, as NewsMax Surpasses a Million Hits marked its first anniversary on the World Wide Web this week. Web traffic to "America's News Page" continues to surge. On Wednesday, NewsMax received more than a million hits.

Rather than suffering what Eleanor Clift describes as "Clinton fatigue," the public still wants to know the full truth about Bill and Hillary. Maybe more so now, because Hillary wants to be a US Senator from New York.

One story people want to know more about is the Clintons' "reign of terror" in Arkansas. To shed light on that period, Arkansas State Trooper Larry Patterson, a former Clinton bodyguard, came to New York to make full disclosure as his new audio set More than Sex hit the streets.

Patterson's story was so shocking it even had radio shock-maven Howard Stern reeling during a one-on-one with Patterson.

Larry "Melrose" Green, Stern's own one-man think tank and frequent caller, called the Patterson interview a "watershed."

"It shows Howard has real guts and political genius," Melrose said of the Patterson interview. "This is why Howard is number one on morning talk across the country and major-media ass kisser Don Imus can only find an audience in geriatric wards for rednecks."

Melrose doesn't like Clinton and is president of an organization he founded called "Jew Against Clinton."

"It has only one member," Melrose said, "I'm the only Jew I know that can't stand CLinton."

Melrose, a one time Los Angeles mayoral candidate, is also a stand up comedian and host of

David Martin
September 19, 1999

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