FBI Covers Up Again
by DCDave

Report Says FBI Agent Negligent in Probe Inmates Death a Suicide, but Case Botched

This is the headline in the middle of page A6 of the Dec. 7 Washington Times atop an article by lead "investigative reporter," Jerry Seper. This time he has miraculously obtained a "confidential" 206-page report by the Inspector General's Office of the Justice Department on the April 1995 death of inmate, Kenneth Trentadue, in a highly-secure isolation cell at the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Though he has written a previous front page article, he pretends to know no more about the travesty than what is in the report that he summarizes in his latest article. To any reader with any critical faculties at all, that is enough. Unfortunately, the FBI-loving Times is counting on there not being too many such people among their readers, and they are probably right.

One can get the flavor of the IG report by reading Seper's first and last paragraphs. They don't begin to pass the laugh test:

An FBI agent assigned to investigate the death of a federal prison inmate waited months before beginning the probe, mishandled and misplaced key evidence and refused to review crime scene photos because of his distaste for pictures of dead bodies.

Initially, the Oklahoma State Examiner's Officer was not convinced Trentadue killed himself and listed the cause of death as "unknown." But in July 1998, Dr. Fred Jordan changed his mind, calling the death a suicide based on several factors, including handwriting on Trentadue's cell wall suggesting suicide as a motive. He ruled the multiple cuts and bruises were self-inflicted.

One of the factual news items related to the case that Seper pretends not to know is that the family has an ongoing civil suit against a number of prison officials. You can read about that and learn much, much more than The Washington Times or any mainstream newspaper will ever tell you about this most blatant murder and cover-up by simply doing a Google search for "Kenneth Trentadue." 

Ain't the Internet great? They're surely going to have to come up with some way to shut it down.

FBI Covers Up Again

Their man was too weak of stomach
To view dead body pics.
It's as good an excuse as any
When the agency's in a fix.

The multiple cuts and bruises
They said were self-inflicted,
Then no one committed a murder
For which he could be convicted.

And so the Trentadue tragedy
They'd quietly lay to rest,
And America's system of justice
Would've failed another test.

David Martin
December 8, 1999

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