King Dubya's Diction

by DCDave

Parade of Lies, Part 3

Q. Why doesn't President Bush learn to pronounce "nuclear" correctly? -- Mikki Marka, Singer Island, Fla.
A. Pronunciations vary from region to region. Boston-bred JFK, for example, spoke of Soviet nuclear missiles in "Cuber." President Bush pronounces nuclear "Nu-cu-lar," as did Dwight Eisenhower, who was born in Texas.
-- Walter Scott's Personality Parade, March 9, 2003

What a libel upon the good people of Texas! "Nu-cu-lar," as we all know, is not an optional, regional way to pronounce nuclear. Rather, it is a popular, lazy-minded mispronunciation by English speakers around the world who have bad ears for sounds, very much like pronouncing "realtor" "reelator."  And what court toadies these phonies at Parade are to suggest that it's okay to mispronounce a word repeatedly because a couple of diction-challenged presidents didn't know any better!

Believe me, "Walter Scott," whoever he happens to be as of March 9, knows better. For an exposé of this organ of state propaganda see Parade of Lies  and Parade of Lies, Part 2

David Martin
March 9, 2003

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