Forrestal, Skippy Creator Shared Similar Fate


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The following is posted with permission of the correspondent:


         Subj: Thanks for James Forrestal incisive story

         Date: 9/26/03


         For the last few hours I have been mesmerized by your story, "Who Killed James Forrestal?" I found this after reading your online book, "America's Dreyfus Affair", with which I was very impressed, and wanted to learn more about you.


         My father, Percy L. Crosby (1891-1964) also knew Forrestal, both of whom were clients of the formerly prestigious NY law firm, Lord, Day & Lord (disbanded 1994, over which former Atty. Gen. Herbert Brownell reigned, Tom Dewey's close friend and campaign advisor in the Truman-Dewey campaign). Both Forrestal and my father met similar fates, and had made similar enemies who had them black-listed. Currently, my family and I are fighting for our lives (in an Emile Zola type battle you referred to in your book re America's Dreyfus Affair), in a major fraud lawsuit, too controversial for media to cover, or expose the "truth buried underground".


         Some of the underlying facts of suit are revealed in my web site story of my father's life ( who was the creator of the famous "Skippy" character, among other literary pursuits (political cartoons, diatribes against the high and mighty, etc.). It may be of interest to you. If so, I would very much like to speak with you. You have done an amazing and splendid job of research and writing, and I'm very impressed.


         Your analysis of the Israel-Palestine problem, and its effect on Forrestal is superb, and most timely for today—what Forrestal and others feared has come to pass despite those of us small citizens who tried to speak out and warn of the consequences. My late husband, Waldo Tibbetts, and I were stationed in Israel (1957-60) when he was director of C.A.R.E., a private relief agency, after which he spent 6 years in Saudi Arabia and Egypt as civilian consultant-economist, 1980-86. I have been vilified and labeled as anti-Semitic so often by the defendant Skippy pirates it no longer carries any pain, although I learned to read, write and speak Hebrew fairly well while in Israel, and could laugh (then) at the disparaging comments made to my husband and me as "goyim" (gentiles), done in friendly, joking manner.


         My outlook changed after I learned of my father's 16 years of confinement as a political prisoner in a mental hospital, and those who held him hostage. Like Henry Forrestal, I also am "damned bitter" about the disinformation, cover-up and became the target for the defendants' relentless efforts to silence me, portraying me as mentally ill, like they did my father. So much for the goodness and popularity of the "famous" SKIPPY brand peanut butter, truly a story deserving of Dickens, where crime pays big and there is no honor among thieves.




         Joan Crosby Tibbetts, President

         Skippy, Inc.

         Administratrix, Percy Crosby Estate


        If you haven't yet read the Skippy story on her site you should do so. It's extremely shocking

        and revealing.


     David Martin

     September 29, 2003




       See also “Crime, Corruption, Copyright, and a Kids’ Comic: Skippy” by Michael Dooley and “A Tale of Two Cartoonists” by Hugh Turley.  Additional information on Crosby from the present writer is to be found in “Roosevelt’s Revenge?” and “Percy Crosby on Franklin Roosevelt.”



       David Martin

       July 23, 2014




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