Baylor, You Have a Problem


Here is the text of an email that I sent to a member of Baylor UniversityŐs history department upon hearing that Kenneth Starr had been selected to be the president of that university, beginning this summer:




What with the new president you have there at Baylor, I assume that, henceforth, it will not be a good idea to teach the truth about some of the dirtier aspects of the Clinton administration.  Murder and covering up a murder are about as dirty as it gets, and your new boss looks awfully guilty to me of the second of those charges.  If you don't believe me, see my recent revelation of the resignation letter of his lead investigator into the death of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr.  If you find that short piece intriguing, then you can go on to post-doctoral Foster studies here and here.

In the interests of truth and justice, you might want to share this information with your colleagues in the Waco University community.  Then again, in the interests of personal popularity or career advancement, you might not.




Someone less familiar than I with the Foster case could think that I am being a bit presumptuous and cheeky, even libelous.  Once up to speed on this Ňstory that nobody dares touch,Ó though, that same person could well begin to think of me as a veritable shrinking violet.


As for the professor receiving this missive, brilliant educator though he may consider himself to be, what he will not realize is that he has been steered by the manipulators of public opinion toward a preconceived conclusion.  Only far right-wingers, we have been given to believe, have any doubts at all about the official conclusion that Foster committed suicide.  The most recent reinforcement of that fable was in the local newspaper in Waco.  Knowing that, as a typical college professor, he is about as far from the right wing as it is possible to be, his mind will be closed.  Though he will likely know essentially nothing about the subject and therefore is hardly qualified to have or offer an opinion, he will likely have a very firm one, nevertheless, and will offer it freely.  He doesnŐt know it, but it is an opinion that has been formed for him by clever professional liars.  He is the negative image of the Rush Limbaugh ditto head.


The deeper problem is that people are getting the wrong education in our universities.  They are being propagandized, not only by the news media, but also by the type of compartmentalized education that they are receiving.  They are not being taught to be genuine lovers of truth for its own sake.  And they are paying more for it every year, in more ways than one.


David Martin

March 11, 2010




Listen to Miguel Rodriguez, Kenneth StarrŐs original lead investigator of the Vincent Foster death and writer of the resignation letter referred to above here.   Two of StarrŐs assistants who are referred to in that recording, John Bates and Brett Kavanaugh, have since been nominated by George W. Bush and approved by the U.S. Senate as federal judges.  Each has now been serving in that capacity for several years.  You can read more about their participation in the Foster cover-up here.


David Martin

March 20, 2010 



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