My Introduction
by DCDave

I am Washington economist and political commentator, David Martin. Some of you may have heard me when I was a regular guest with my political poetry on the Jaz McKay Show (WWWE, 50,000 watts in Cleveland, "The Monster on the Lake"). He had a large and growing audience in 1995, but they took him off the air.

Others may have heard me on some little radio station or other that carried Scott Wheeler's "Reporter's Journal" from the American Patriot Network (After media exploiters of the Oklahoma City bombing made "patriot" a dirty word, it became the American Freedom Network. Now it has changed its name again and is the American News Network.). In an arrangement midwifed by reporter Christopher Ruddy, Wheeler let me squeeze in a poem from time to time when he had me on his show weekly. He billed me as his "media critic." (From parts 2 and 5 of my "America's Dreyfus Affair," one can see that I have since learned that the presumed "great journalistic hope," Ruddy, is a complete phony. All along he was only buying credibility with and collecting information from legitimate critics.)

Wheeler was eventually replaced by an infomercial. He went on to a position with the late Paul Weyrich's National Empowerment Television and Ruddy's handlers made him a minor media star as editor of the online Newsmax. Meanwhile, my career on America's airwaves has gone into abeyance. So here I am on freedom's last redoubt, the Internet. One would think that there was not much demand these days for freelance truth telling.

Now you can decide for yourself. Here's what they don't want you to hear.

David Martin

ps: By the way, in a desperate rear-guard attempt to hold onto their power, the practitioners of horse-and-buggy journalism and wind-powered scholarship are putting out the word that you can't trust what you read on the Internet.

They're right, of course. No one or two sources can be trusted in themselves. You have to use your own judgment.

I like to think that I am as trustworthy as they come, but I am human and have been known to err. If you, dear reader, see anything on my site that you believe is incorrect, either in fact or interpretation, please e-mail me so we can set things right.


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