The Plotters
by DCDave

Act II, Scene 1, Somewhere in the West Wing
(Three shadowy female figures)

All. Double, double, toil and trouble,
Shredder churn and coffee bubble.
H. Fetch me up a legal pad
Think of things that turned out bad,
Mild transgressions if confessed,
That might have made the man depressed,
Some foul-up in the legal biz,
It need not be entirely his,
The better should it minor be,
And surely not a felony.
M. This is tough, for goodness sakes,
Let's just say he made mistakes,
I know you say we don't need many
But I can't really think of any.
S. Okay, then let's move along.
Let's have him write we did no wrong,
That no matter what we say
They won't believe us anyway.
H. Good, that gets us off the hook
For all the liberties we took,
But still I think they'll need to find
Some reasons for his troubled mind,
Things that made the man decide
To end it all with suicide.
M. What about the folks who lie
In the GOP and the FBI?
And the lack of inhibition
In the Wall Street Journal's inquisition?
S. I think it sounds a trifle petty
For one we knew as strong and steady.
We'd take a chance if we should try it,
I fear the press would never buy it.
H. Oh, if ‘tis watchdogs that you fear,
Worry not, we have none here.
Whatever we should do or say
They're trained to look the other way.
S. Then as it's written, let it stand,
Now have it put in Foster's hand.
M. When shall we three meet again?
In thunder, lightning, or in rain.
H. When the hurly-burly's done
When the battle's lost and won.
S. Why must we even meet at all?
Let's just do a conference call.
All. Double, double, toil and trouble
Shredder churn and coffee bubble.
David Martin

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