Hail to the Chief
by DCDave

He lied about his Army call,
We know it for a fact.
So who would think that this would be
His only devious act?

He lied to wife and family
About his backdoor deeds,
Let's climb upon this train of thought
And see just where it leads.

A Democratic Senator
Has made the observation,
Our leader is exceptional
At rank prevarication.

So when the stakes are really high,
Indeed, could get no higher,
Would not he use his talents as
The quintessential liar?

They lied about the Waco siege
And how the children died.
The man is in good company
Of those who've baldly lied.

Among the higher federal ranks
There is no fib relief.
We didn't pick a president,
We chose a liar-in-chief.

David Martin

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