The "Tongues" Deciphered
by DCDave

To the Square-One Shill

In spite of what Net interaction has done,
Your arguments always go back to square one:
"If Foster was murdered as you all seem to say,
Why don't ‘top Clinton foes' see it that way?"
To you purblind ignorance is a matter of pride;
How little you know then you don't try to hide.
Armed with thin "mainstream" news you would blunt
The case made by those who've been armed by Hugh Sprunt.
Your principal role, it is now understood,
Is simply to make the square-two shill look good.

To the Square-Two Shill

You make folks believe that you're all on their side,
The better for critics in you to confide,
And you're not the only one holding your views,
By sheer weight of numbers you confound and confuse,
So one who may in his heart disagree
Is inclined to conclude that "It must just be me."
Your job is to sell us that old worn-out line,
"If we didn't have Clinton then all would be fine,"
But we would still be in our martial-state mess
With it all covered up by our foul-smelling press.
You wouldn't shine any light on that scene
When you are a part of the lying machine.

David Martin

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