The New Moral Order
by DCDave

Whatever happened to conscience?
Whatever happened to blame?
Where is our sense of responsibility?
Where is our sense of shame?
Science has swept them all away,
Into the dustbin of history,
That things are rapidly falling apart
Should hardly be a big mystery.

We put our faith in the experts,
Whose surveys and studies and proofs
We thought were somehow better
Than all the ancient truths;
Belief in the fight against evil
Amounts to a modern-day heresy,
No human fault is so bad
That it can't be corrected with therapy.

The content of our character,
From one brave leader's dream
Has been replaced with "feeling good,"
And having self-esteem;
I've been to that mountaintop,
And I don't like the view.
The signs there of a better world
Are far apart and few.

David Martin

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