The News        


                                                          The keepers of the knowledge gate

                                                          Demark the bounds of the debate,

                                                          And manufacture an illusion

                                                          That we've reached our own conclusion.


                                                          Certified as safe to know,

                                                          What is is what they say is so.

                                                          Thus they conquer and confuse,

                                                          And manipulate the news.


                                                          Whoever wants to be the keeper

                                                          Climbs a slope that's ever steeper.

                                                          He who will not sell his soul

                                                          Needn't bother with the role.


                                                          Still the lines are long enough

                                                          Of those who think they have the stuff

                                                          To sell a fable as a fact

                                                          And keep their consciences intact.


                                                          We see their faces every night

                                                          Telling us that black is white.

                                                          The paper at the breakfast table

                                                          Ought to have a warning label:


                                                          "Caution: what you read within

                                                          Is doctored with a careful spin.

                                                          Lift your eyes and call a halt

                                                          If you lack a grain of salt."


                                                          I don't know how it got this way.

                                                          And it gives me pain to say

                                                          We're not a land of liberty

                                                          If it's truth that makes us free.


                                                          David Martin






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