More Parade Propaganda
by DCDave

Parade of Lies, Part 5

Q. I've heard that Osama bin Laden has supporters among members of the Saudi Arabian royal family. Who has been the major culprit? -- Benny McClarney, Chicago, Ill.

A. The finger of suspicion falls on Prince Turki al-Faisal, 58, who was chief of Saudi foreign intelligence for 25 years. Our sources claim that before he became the Saudi ambassador to Britain in January, Prince Turki served as a conduit for money that has gone to al-Qaeda and the families of suicide bombers. But they maintain that he didn't act alone--that he operated on behalf of the 7000-strong Saudi royal family. -- Walter Scott's Personality Parade, Parade Magazine, June 29, 2003.

Now how's that for believability, a false-named writer citing anonymous sources? Do you think "Walter Scott's" real name might be Jayson Blair? But this is no laughing matter. Look what happened the last time "Walter Scott" used anonymous sources to connect a national leader, without a shred of evidence, to the man we claiim was responsible for 9-11. This is from the November 4, 2001 Personality Parade:

Q. Before our war on terrorists began, how well did Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, the world's top terrorists, get along? -C. Barnes, San Antonio, Texas

A. Not well at all, but they worked together on the principle that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Intelligence sources tell us Saddam encouraged attacks on U.S. targets because he harbors a deep resentment against George H. W. Bush, who created the coalition that defeated Iraq in the Gulf War. Our sources say Saddam figured the most effective way to punish the former President was to hurt his son, who now occupies the White House. It was a massive miscalculation. The recent outpouring of patriotic fervor pushed George W. Bush's popularity rating to more than 90%.

For a full exposť of the covert operation known as Parade Magazine see and and and and

David Martin
July 1, 2003

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